EGO Brand x EGO Skate Presents the EGO Skate-Life

Brothers from another Mother – that’s how you can explain the relationship between hip hop culture and skating culture.

It’s almost impossible to draw the line between hip hop and skating culture today. The two are intertwined on a deep level – in recognizing the role of the man on the street and finding ways to deal with stereotypes and mainstream culture. It has been a long way for both hip hop and skating culture to arrive to the mainstream, but thanks to Pharrell, Kanye, Lupe Fiasco, Wiz Khalifa and the others, we are now witnessing how hip hop and skating culture are influencing the mainstream fashion, style and life trends. 

Without the EGO there would be no HIP-HOP and without the EGO a skater could not land a trick.  Hence, we present to you the EGO Skate-Life, a facet of The EGO Lifestyle.


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