Magic Las Vegas Fashion Trade Show

EGO Brand Clothing at Magic

Magic - Every February and August, the retail industry convenes in Las Vegas for the most comprehensive fashion marketplace in the United States showcasing the latest in men’s, women’s, and children’s apparel, footwear, accessories, and fashion resources. From the height of advanced contemporary luxury brands, to the latest trends in fast fashion, MAGIC fuels the business of fashion.

Within the industry, this fair is a synonym for trendy shoe fashion at affordable prices for buyers of all age groups.

Magic Fashion Trade Show - Las Vegas Convention Center

This event consists of multiple shows that targets specific industry segments and interests, including ‘Curve Las Vegas’ for swimwear/lingerie and ‘Sourcing at Magic’ for global supply chain management.

In addition to the presentation, there is the opportunity to take part in special internal networking events and parties, as well as to visit educational seminars, thus gathering a variety of useful information about the latest trends, trade laws and industry news.

Expect the likes of hip-hop inspired streetwear line EGO by Strawn Teague Holmes and the official reveal of the new luxury collection of EGO Lifestyle clothing line.

It’s a can’t-miss shopping experience complete with upbeat music, undeniable beauty, and of course, style. From the height of luxury brands to the latest trends, everything on the fashion spectrum can be found among the vast spaces at Mandalay Bay and the Las Vegas Convention Center.

The Las Vegas Convention Center is situated adjacent to the Las Vegas Strip, that offers one of the most modern and functional facilities in the world - a 3.2 million square foot facility located within a short distance of more than 100,000 guest rooms.

Magic - Fashion Trade Show History

If you’re not familiar with MAGIC, you definitely need to be. This marketplace is a fashion lover’s dream, with miles of celebrities and bloggers, cool brands, and plenty of fashion trends to look at.

MAGIC inaugurated in 1933 by the Men's Apparel Guild in California. In 2014, UBM acquired it from Advanstar Communications and has grown the event to be one of the biggest, most “must-attend” markets in the industry.

MAGIC now features hundreds of suppliers, from big names (Levi’s, Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, etc.) to sole proprietors (like “The Fiftees,” who create and print T-shirts customized with phrases unique to each of the 50 states). The dynamic annual show attracts the industry’s top international talents, uniting them with influential buyers and helping to keep the trillion-dollar fashion industry engine churning.

EGO Lifestyle Streetwear Expo Venue

There is a new kid on the block and word on the streets is: EGO. Spread the word and join the hustle.

The EGO Lifestyle brand brings you passion, affordability and obtainable apparel that you can buy immediately. You like what you see on the runway, you take it straight to the streets with you by directly meeting the founders of the EGO Lifestyle brand.

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